Following the General Assembly on 20 March 2024, the Swiss Drone Base Camp association has a new president: Daniele Travaglia, Founder & CEO of The Space Ops, one of our member companies.

Daniele Travaglia thanked Enzo Giannini and the committee for their proposal, saying, “It gives me a lot of happiness and is a great responsibility. I really believe in this project, I see great opportunity for Swiss Drone Base Camp.” The newly elected president also outlined his personal three pillars for the presidency: “Fundamental are technology and innovation, thanks to solid partnerships with universities and research centers; secondly, the members of the association, because they are the people who give strength and opportunities to the center; and finally, of course, drone operations, without which SDBC could not exist.”

FL3XX and The Space Ops Announce Partnership to Revolutionize UAV Operations

FL3XX and The Space Ops 1

Lodrino, Switzerland, 07 November 2023 — FL3XX, the global leader in aviation management software, and The Space Ops, a pioneering company in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations, announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership. This collaboration integrates FL3XX’s state-of-the-art aviation software into The Space Ops’ UAV operations, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and safety.

About the Partnership
The agreement enables The Space Ops to leverage FL3XX’s cutting-edge aviation software to organize and operate UAV missions and plan and schedule ground-based UAV pilots. By incorporating FL3XX’s robust feature set into their UAV operations, The Space Ops aims to significantly improve operational effectiveness, data accuracy, and compliance with the latest EASA requirements for UAV operations.

“Our partnership with FL3XX marks a pivotal moment for The Space Ops. Utilizing their well-established software suite allows us to scale our UAV operations while maintaining the highest level of safety and efficiency,” said Daniele Travaglia, Founder & CEO, The Space Ops.

Key Benefits
Operational Efficiency: The software streamlines UAV scheduling, facilitates maintenanceplanning, manages remote pilots, and enables integration with UAV Manufacturer flight planning software to exchange flight information.
End-to-End Automation: FL3XX provides a high level of digitalization for UAVs, streamlining operations from initial customer contact to final invoicing. This centralized platform enables real-time data access and updates, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Data-Driven Decision-Making: Real-time weather data and reporting features enable The Space Ops to make informed decisions swiftly.
Regulatory Compliance: FL3XX’s software complies with international aviation standards, ensuring that The Space Ops’ UAV operations meet or exceed industry regulations.

FL3XX CEO and Co-Founder, Paolo Sommariva, also shared his thoughts on this milestone partnership: “We are thrilled to collaborate with The Space Ops and bring FL3XX to the world of UAV operations. This partnership represents a fusion of innovation and precision, and it underscores our commitment to enhancing operational excellence across the aviation industry. By integrating FL3XX’s software into The Space Ops’ UAV operations, we aim to set new standards in efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.”

This partnership between FL3XX and The Space Ops is not only about setting new benchmarks in UAV operations but also about igniting a transformative spark in the aviation industry. Their joint commitment to push the boundaries reflects a shared vision of innovation that will pave the way for great advancements. The collaboration is poised to change how UAV operations are conducted, promising a shift that will echo across the entire aviation landscape.

About FL3XX 
FL3XX, is the leading web and app-based aviation management platform, is at the forefront of aviation innovation. Focused on Part 135, Part 91, Trip Support, Medevac, and Cargo operations, FL3XX provides an intuitive software solution for sales, operations, maintenance, and management teams. With a global network of 200+ operators spanning 6 continents benefiting from its capabilities, FL3XX integrates with a leading number of services, delivering substantial time savings for operators and boosting both productivity and profitability. Based in Vienna, Austria, FL3XX maintains a presence in Europe, North America, and Asia. Explore further at www.fl3xx.com

About The Space Ops
The Space Ops is a front-runner in UAV operations and aerospace technology, offering solutions in aviation consultancy, UAV operations, and commercial UAV solutions. Their customer-oriented focus on quality and safety has established them as a trusted name in the aviation industry. For more information, visit www.thespaceops.com


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SDBC meets industries and services at Riviera Airport

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Swiss Drone Base Camp, the drone competence center in Lodrino part of Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino, is pleased to invite you to the Event “SDBC meets industries and services at Riviera Airport.” Tuesday, 07 Novembre 2023 – From 08:30 a.m – At the Lodrino Airport Control Tower, Via Aeroporto 4 in Lodrino (Riviera).

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